No barriers to learning…virtual learning is possible!

Capacity building of Mid-Level Healthcare Providers at Andhra Pradesh

The month of August was a virtual learning month in the Tirupati catchment. The Catchment Team at SVICCAR (Shri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care and Research) jointly with the National Health Mission (NHM), Andhra Pradesh conducted a series of capacity building webinars over a two-week period for the Mid-Level Healthcare Providers (MLHPs) and Community Health Officers (CHOs).  About 907 MLHPs from 12 out of 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh participated in the virtual learning sessions.

A team of specialized Master Trainers conducted the sessions with an aim to increase knowledge on:

  • (a) NCD (Non-Communicable Diseases) CBAC (Community Based Assessment Checklist) forms;
  • (b) Awareness of various types of cancers symptoms, control measures and prevention;
  • (c) Early detection and identification procedures of oral, breast and cervical cancers;
  • (d) Cancer screening  at the Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs);
  • (e) Insights on referrals and follow-up management.  

The format of the sessions were a mix of didactics and interactions. Pre and post evaluation tests were also conducted.  E-Certificates were issued to the participants on successfully completing the training.

The icing on the cake was the attendance of the State Programme Manager, National Health Mission Andhra Pradesh and the Additional District Medical Health Officer, District NCD Nodal Officer of Chittoor district who appreciated the efforts of the team and shared positive feedback post the sessions.