Tobacco Users are at higher risk of severe illness when affected by COVID-19

Multi-pronged efforts on World No-Tobacco Day to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco and how it adds to spread of COVID-19

According to WHO, tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced. It harms its users and impatcts every organ of the body.

Tobacco consumption also puts it's users at risk of various communicable diseases including COVID-19.

Stakeholders from various parts of the country have shared messages about harmful effects of tobacco, encouraging people to quit tobacco.

Dr. Kunal Khemnar


Dr. Shailesh Maurya


Birendra Kumar


S.N. Arun


Dr. Dilip Kar


SpitBan App

The Government of India in wake of COVID-19 pandemic has banned the use of tobacco products and spitting in public places under disaster management act.

Sambandh Health Foundation and ACF initiated 'Spitting Kills' campaign across multiple catchments and to monitor the campaign launched SpitBan App.

The campaign focused on increasing understand of people on how chewing tobacco can adversely play its role in spread of COVID-19 and intensified the effort through a video and questions.


In the first phase, the campaign was launched for National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers and programme officers to spread the app link among students.

  • The app is based on a simple awareness video and then some questions afterwards
  • After completing the questions each participant received a certificate of participation.

2000 entries were received in phase – I.

In Phase – II, a link was rolled out to the general public to create awareness and raise understanding of the relation of COVID-19 and Tobacco with the same methodology as NSS.


So far the campaign has reached more than 21,928 people across regions.

  • Prayagraj - 3577
  • Odisha - 568
  • Chandrapur - 5510
  • Mangalore - 814
  • Udupi - 6153
  • Jharkhand - 2735
  • Tirupati - 2553

Poster Competition by NSS

On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, the volunteers of NSS in Jharkhand will participatie in a poster making competition to showcase the dangers of tobacco in spread of COVID-19. The poster competition will be co-organized by NTCP CELL and NSS with support from ACF. The objective of the competition is to spread awareness about how tobacco leads to spread of COVID-19. All participants will be encouraged through a certificate by the State Nodal Officer, Tobacco Control Program, Health Department, Jharkhand.